Religion study is an academic study aimed at researching various religions and their behaviors and beliefs. This field presents interesting topics which a majority of students find interesting. The good thing is that while looking for an ideal case to research, you have many aspects available to compare. 200 best religion research paper topics to consider:

A religious research paper account for various events, people, and occurrences in the Bible. This, in return, offers you limitless benefits and enough research material for your paper. It is, therefore, critical to find good religion research paper topics in an area that interests you and the nature of your essay and then narrow them to one.

In this article, you will find religion research paper topics you can choose for your religious essay. Choose an area you are passionate about so you can fully engage from beginning to end. Also, ensure you understand your focus of the discussion to deliver an excellent paper. If you take a persuasive, informative, or argumentative position, take your position from the onset to completion.

How to choose a good research topic

Selecting a good topic in a pool of so many possible choices can be challenging. Below are tips that might help you craft an excellent paper on a good case.

  • Having several research questions to help you generate an idea
  • Choose a topic that you are passionate about or interested in. You might require less time to research since you might have some information on the subject, as opposed to writing on a new topic that requires you to study from scratch.
  • Ensure there is enough literature related to the topic. Having several sources ensures that there is enough writing material., Also, ensure that your information is factual and credible.
  • Avoid biased topics
  • Avoid attacking various religions and religious leaders.

Religion essay topics

Religion is a susceptible area of study as history has recorded many incidents of violence, ethnic profiling, and genocide. Choose an exciting essay topic. You can start by checking current issues and controversies. Your audience will likely be glued to your essay if you choose an exciting yet informative article. Below is a list of religion essay topics you can choose from.

  1. World peace and religion
  2. Marxist theory about religion
  3. Gender bias and religion
  4. Racial profiling
  5. Religion and modern culture
  6. Scientific theories about religion
  7. Relationship between literature and religion
  8. Theism vs. atheism
  9. Relationship between politics and religion
  10. Influence of religion on humans
  11. Controversial issues on religion
  12. Renaissance period in the Christian religion
  13. History of religion
  14. Religion and technology
  15. Roots of originality of Islam religion

Bible research paper topics

Essay writing is a challenge to a majority of students. Composing a decent paper is not enough to get you a top grade. You need to create enough research time on the best bible research topic to select and how to structure it to get the maximum score. An attractive, well-illustrated case will get you bonus points.

Below is a list of original bible research topics. Use any ideas for your essay. You can also use them as inspiration by rewording them to fit your need. Having a research topic ready ensure you take little time in writing.

  1. The role of baptism in the old testament
  2. The part about marriage in the Bible
  3. Analysis of the divine judgment theme
  4. The worship practices of the Israelites
  5. Christianity in the roman empire
  6. Sin concept and interpretation in the Bible
  7. Inspiration theories in the Bible
  8. The perception of salvation in the old testament
  9. An examination of tribal conflict and God’s intervention
  10. Punishment in the old testament
  11. The book of job and its connection to the suffering in modern day
  12. Oppression of women in the old testament
  13. Establishment of gender roles in exodus
  14. Divine judgment and its role in people’s behavior
  15. Analysis of the laws of Moses

New testament research topics

There are four categories in the new testament; gospels, apocalypse, epistles, and the acts of the apostles. The gospel is the most studied; therefore, this provides you with a pool of research topic ideas you can explore. They include;

  1. The book of revelation and its impact on modern society
  2. The roles of miracles and their influence on contemporary society
  3. Choose a parable and analyze it
  4. The use of the epistles in today’s sermons
  5. The influence of the new testament on society today
  6. New Testament view on forgiveness
  7. Roles and ethnic representation in the new testament
  8. Discuss the seven years of tribulations according to the book of revelation
  9. The importance of the book o Romans and its significance in the spread of Christianity
  10. Discuss the arguments surrounding the authenticity of the letters of Paul
  11. Discuss how the parables in the new testament translate today
  12. The main characters of the new testament theology approach

World religion research paper topics

World religion gives you a broad scope to choose a suitable topic for a religious essay. Below are a few options for your consideration;

  1. The oppression of women in a particular religions
  2. The modern society’s attitude towards the history of religion
  3. The role of Christianity in the contemporary society
  4. The role of international organizations in maintaining religious peace
  5. Religion and violence
  6. Belief and populism in the modern society
  7. The influence of religion on modern society politics
  8. The role of religious leaders in combating terrorism
  9. Faith is more of emotions than logic
  10. The importance of religious education in promoting diversity

Christianity research paper topics

Christianity is among the common religions in the world. It, therefore, offers many areas where you can base your research paper on Christianity. The topics below can provide you with several ideas for your essay.

  1. Christianity’s role in positive environmental change
  2. Faith beliefs and practices
  3. Religion is the opiate of the masses
  4. The difference between Judaism and other religions
  5. The freedom of religion in Arab countries
  6. The concepts of religious inequalities
  7. Ways in which religion can be used as a tool for control
  8. Homosexuality from a Christian point of view
  9. Euthanasia in Christianity
  10. Human life and death in Christianity
  11. Is Islam a peaceful religion
  12. Evaluate the tradition of attending church on Sunday.

Research topics religion and culture

Religion and culture are excellent areas to write an essay.

  1. Negative attitudes of young people toward the church and its effects on religion
  2. Effects of modernity on religion
  3. Lifestyle and church growth
  4. Historical study of the prosperity gospel
  5. Impact of Christianity on the cultural values of a specific group of people
  6. Issues and the way forward of immorality in churches
  7. A moral concern about Christian participation in politics
  8. The role of the church in ensuring peace in the society
  9. The role of church leaders in the growth of the church
  10. Effectiveness of faith in the life of a Christian

Interesting religious topics

There are so many interesting topics you can choose for your essay. However, finding one that has not been discussed in the past can be challenging. You can write on any matter but coin it in a different view. We have outlined a few exciting issues on religion below for your consideration.

  1. The polygamous marriages in Islam
  2. Significant changes impacted by religious practices
  3. The religious view on abortion
  4. Discuss the difference in bible interpretation between Catholic and other religious groups
  5. The perception of the ten commandments today
  6. Analysis of the law in the new testament
  7. The difference between Moses and David as leaders
  8. The relationship between the big bang theory and religion
  9. The impacts of mass media on religion
  10. Discuss the lesser prophets in the Bible
  11. Black churches in the united states and their interpretation of the Bible
  12. Influence of religion in theocratic states
  13. Discuss how and why children are considered innocent souls
  14. The manifestation of animalism in the modern world
  15. Similarities of the images of God and myths

Controversial biblical research paper topics

There are some controversial topics in the Bible that you can explore and discuss. Choose an area, research, and elaborate on how and why you think the issue is controversial. Below are controversial biblical research topics.

  1. The view of divorce in the Bible
  2. View of abortion in the Bible
  3. Thoughts on life and the afterlife
  4. Passages in the Bible that advocate genocide
  5. The issue of marriage, according to the Bible
  6. Discuss the view of homosexuality as portrayed in the Bible

Argumentative religion research topics

When writing an argumentative topic, you must investigate, conduct thorough literature research, evaluate evidence, and concisely establish your position on the issue. You are supposed to use examples to cite and reference your work. Mentioned below are some topics you can base your argument on. Remember to make clear your claim immediately after you introduce your paper.

  1. The relationship between modern religion and science
  2. Discuss the various ways God revealed himself in the old testament
  3. Discuss the relationship between men and women in the old testament
  4. What causes the emergence of new religions
  5. When is abortion allowed
  6. Discuss the world’s major religions
  7. Discuss the modern of reincarnation in the contemporary society
  8. Evaluate the various religions that have no god
  9. The view of religion on homosexuality
  10. Discuss the most convincing form of God
  11. The importance of doctrinal competence

Informative religion paper ideas

You write an information paper intending to provide information on a specific topic. Your religious research topic can be based on an occurrence, place, or person. An informative piece of literature includes concrete and irrefutable facts and does not include opinions. If you are struggling to find an ideal informative religion topic, select one in the topic below.

  1. The similarities of the afterlife in various religions
  2. The significance of Christmas to Christians
  3. The significance of baptism
  4. The implications of artificial insemination
  5. The significance of tithing
  6. The impact of mass media on religion
  7. Causes of the protestant reformation
  8. The relationship between religion and law
  9. The effect of religion on terrorism
  10. The importance of Ramadhan to Islam

Religion topics for presentation

You might be expected to do a topic presentation on a topic of your choice. Production requires informing, persuading, inspiring, or presenting a new idea. An excellent presentation topic should be exciting and engaging to keep the audience interested. If you struggle to find an idea for a religion presentation topic, select one in the list below.

  1. The history of the Bible
  2. Exciting details about the ark
  3. The origin of Christmas ‘
  4. The five pillars of Islam
  5. The ten commandments
  6. The roman catholic clerical organization
  7. The papal election procedure
  8. Religious pilgrimage
  9. Female patron saints
  10. Religious signs and wonders
  11. You don’t need unique clothes to be baptized in
  12. Buddhist rituals
  13. Who is a Vishnu
  14. Hinduism, the third largest religion

Psychology of religion research topics

Psychology of religion is the study of religion from a human point of view. It considers attitudes and behavior an individual or group of people use to define religion. The main focus of this study is the past, present, and future;

Past- psychological factors that influenced an individual’s adoption of the religious beliefs

Present- the psychological impacts of certain attitudes and practices in a religious community

Future-  the likely psychological consequences of religious belief and the practice for the individual and the society.

There is a broad perceptive of religion and psychology, and if this is an area that excites you, you can choose a topic in the list below for your essay.

  1. Religious and spiritual development
  2. A literature review on prayer
  3. What do people think God is usually like
  4. The impact of conspiracy theories when people are experiencing particular challenges
  5. Discuss how supernatural beliefs are primarily for avoiding harm
  6. A case study of how even atheists intuitively believe the world has a designer
  7. Discuss if the belief in ghosts helped start civilization
  8. Use statistics to discuss how a cultural shift is likely to affect the religion
  9. Discuss how discrimination impacts non-believers
  10. Case study on the social development of countries that free of religion

Persuasive bible research topics

When writing persuasive religious essays, you must provide convincing facts on the topic you are discussing. You should provide relevant, credible, and irrefutable evidence that supports your claim. Conduct and compare information from various sources to ensure you deliver factual information.

  1. Christian perspective of life after death
  2. Various Christian religious symbols
  3. Compare the new and the old testaments
  4. Evolution of Christianity
  5. The purpose behind the existence of good and evil
  6. Idolatry about the ten commandments
  7. How Religious people intolerant of other religious people
  8. The role of Christianity in developing a community
  9. The biblical ways of seeking God’s forgiveness
  10. World’s most holy sites

Bible studies topics

When writing a bible studies research topic, you should approach the issue from a Christian perspective. If you are working in a group, each student can do an individual search and compare notes and views to share.

  1. Adverse effects of holding on to anger
  2. Dealing with slavery as presented in the Bible
  3. The various reasons why people change religion
  4. Is abortion a sin against God or having control over your body?
  5. Discuss your view on polygamy
  6. Discuss whether religion can be considered a tool of control
  7. Depictions of feminism in the Bible
  8. The conflict between religion and science
  9. The best way to stay faithful to God
  10. The Bible’s position on celibacy in the religious office

Religion thesis research topics

A thesis is a long paper that requires you to conduct thorough research on the topic and provide persuasive answers. The main area students struggle in is finding a good research topic. One thing to note is that you should select an issue with enough research sources and materials. Choose a topic that is neither too broad nor too shallow of literature. You can use any listed religion research paper topic for a thesis below.

  1. The role of the old testament in the orthodox churches
  2. Should Catholicism accept gay marriages
  3. The impact of exile on Judaism
  4. What is the most convincing form of God
  5. Should religion detach from politics
  6. Should religion influence political decisions
  7. The most important Christian beliefs
  8. Ways religious leaders can help end violence among their followers
  9. The challenges of spreading the gospel in the 21st century
  10. The difference in spiritual well-being in the old testament

Good topic on religion

There are many topics on religion to base your research on. It is, however, vital that you consult your professor or instructor on your choice. Involving your teacher throughout the writing process is the best way to ensure you follow the correct writing style and write relevant information based on your topic.

  1. the Christian view on cloning
  2. the Christian view of gay marriage
  3. the various ways of celebrating Christmas
  4. the basic concept among different religious books
  5. the Christian view of polygamous marriages
  6. discuss Satanism
  7. the multiple roles of religious groups in Arab countries
  8. the connection between religion and anthropology
  9. the rules of behavior in the orthodox church
  10. the significant problems experienced by pagans

biblical topics for college

as a college student, you need a research topic that is a bit complex due to the advancement in your academic level. It is not hard to get an excellent area to focus your research on; however, if you are struggling, choose the list below.

  1. Select and discuss a religious tv show
  2. The role of a man as the head of the family in the old testament
  3. Compare various interpretations of the Bible
  4. Discuss the importance of biblical names
  5. Discuss various names that people use to refer to God and their meaning
  6. Research biblical criticism
  7. Discuss the book of proverbs from a woman’s point of view
  8. Discuss the crucial pieces of biblical poetry
  9. Discuss the Pauline epistle in the new testament
  10. Pick a passage in the Bible and discuss its meaning and the importance

Essay religion paper topics

Essay writing is not complicated, but it requires a skill set to help you research and write. Different essays have specified writing styles, but you must read the instructions to determine the writing style. You might also be expected to cite and reference your work. Ensure that when you are researching, you put your references down so that it will be easier to include them in your paper.

  1. Discuss the effects of religion in everyday life
  2. Discuss the importance of miracles in the Bible
  3. Talk about how other religions are portrayed in the Bible
  4. Wealth in the Bible
  5. Discuss the various miracle in the Bible and their significance
  6. Discuss the main ideologies in Christianity
  7. Discuss Christian in the roman empire
  8. Talk about how Satan is portrayed in the Bible
  9. Discuss Christianity in medieval Europe
  10. Talk about the Catholics’ interpretation of the Bible.

Bottom line

Writing any academic paper is tough and more challenging if you don’t have a discussion topic. If you have an area you are passionate about, that is an excellent place to start. You will take less time writing if you have some knowledge of your discussion area.

You can also choose any topic listed above and research it. Ensure that you give factual information and support your claims with credible evidence. Remember to cite and reference your work according to the required writing style.

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